Smartedge – Bordura per Prato Medio - Marrone

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Smartedge – Bordura per Prato Medio - MarroneSmartedge – Bordura per Prato Medio - Marrone
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Smartedge – Bordura per Prato Medio - MarroneSmartedge – Bordura per Prato Medio - Marrone
Smartedge – Bordura per prato

Questo prodotto è la soluzione ideale per delimitare alcune aree del tuo giardino, come il prato o le aiuole fiorite, ovvero per definire il tracciato di un vialetto. Realizzato in polipropilene, il prodotto e' facile da istallare in modo da permettere il fissaggio della bordura.


  • Flessibile - può essere utilizzato per creare linee curve o spigoli vivi
  • Riduce la possibilità che le erbacce si espandano, invadendo aiuole o soffocando alberi e cespugli
  • Altezza 10cm (3.9")
  • Paletti per facilitare il fissaggio
  • Bordo in polipropilene - resistente agli UV e al gelo
  • I paletti si legano alle radici, facendo un confine permanente
  • Esclusivo e brevettato sistema A-frame
  • I perni A-frame sono biodegradabili - si decompongono naturalmente
  • Non-tossico


Altezza: 14cm (5.5")
Spessore - 2mm (0.08")
Medium - 10m (32.8') contiene 120 picchetti

Altre dimensioni e colori
Confine Prezzo lunghezza Color
Smartedge – Bordura per Prato Grande - Marrone €279,99 50m
€69,99 10m
€44,99 5m
Smartedge – Bordura per Prato Grande - Verde €279,99 50m
€69,99 10m
€44,99 5m
Smartedge – Bordura per Prato Grande - Nero €279,99 50m Negro
€69,99 10m
€44,99 5m

Recensioni Clienti
Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"worked well worked well thanks"

Recensito giovedì 9 novembre 2017

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"This is a good product, easy to lay and through its flexability produces lovely curves. I used a mix of traditional wooden edging (straight stretches) and this product. My 1 star reservation is when it comes to cutting the lawn. I have now cut it twice (turf) but with my 4 wheel petrol mower had to juggle it to cut the curved edges. With the timber (straight) parts I put the wheels along the timber. I find myself holding the 2 wheels slightly raised as the edging will not support its wait. However as the lawn edges firm this might not be necessary.

One minor point - the plastic nails used to hold the edging in place need a fair bit of pushing through the designated holes, a hammer tends to bend them easily.

I would have included a photo but the system doesn’t allow picking from an iPad album!

Recensito martedì 24 ottobre 2017

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"This is a really nice product. It is robust enough to stick in the ground. It is thin enough and sharp enough to cut the soil easily and bendable enough to take in the bends.
I will be getting more

Recensito lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

Valutazione: 3/5 Tradurre

"This product was as described on the website and im a pretty good DIY'er, had I realised how difficult it was to fit I'd have chosen something else. We eventually got it done though and it does looks nice, a bit wobbly in places though. I've only recently done it so can't comment on how it fairs with the lawn mower?"

Recensito domenica 10 settembre 2017

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"Good product but the securing pins could have been longer and stronger"

Recensito lunedì 4 settembre 2017

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Excellent product if a little time consuming to install but looks great"

Recensito martedì 15 agosto 2017

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Our lawn has yet to grow over the 'A-frames' but, subject to that, we are very pleased with the results - the Smartedge lawn edging system gives the impression of a being a good product, providing what it says on the tin, a smart lawn edge. The 'teeth' and 'A-frames' make it sit securely. With care in preparing the ground - the clear installation instructions provided emphasise this - it was easy for two of us to lay out (one person on their own may find it fiddly). We had both straight and curved edges and the product fitted neatly along both. We have yet to see how well the A-frames bed in as the grass grows and how well they respond to mowing, but the recommended 1 securing pin in 3 'A's appears to be sufficient, we were pleased to find, as securing each 'A' (300 pins for 10 metres) would have got very tedious!"

Recensito martedì 8 agosto 2017

Valutazione: 3/5 Tradurre

"As Primrose apparently don't actually manufacture the product itself any further comment about Firmedge lawn edging may be inappropriate here I think but here goes anyway.
The only criticism of the product is that the number of "nails" supplied don't exactly match the number of "A" tags so you are left wondering whether to put one in every 2 or every 3 or even every 4. afterwards you have lots of loose seemingly surplus to requirement "A" tags. They hurt if they go into the front of your sandals. Should they be cut off? I don't know but the little B's won't go down out of the way without a nail!

Recensito mercoledì 5 luglio 2017

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"Sturdy product should last years"

Recensito martedì 20 giugno 2017

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"This was a repeat order. We edged part of the lawn last year and have been very pleased with the result. The rest of the lawn will be done when time permits!"

Recensito sabato 8 aprile 2017

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