Contenitore per il compost in legno: Medium

Code: TE0173
Contenitore per il compost in legno: Medium
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Contenitore per il compost in legno: Medium

E' una brillante idea convertire tutti i rifiuti del tuo giardino in compost.
Questo box in legno e' ottimo per mettere tutto il materiale di riciclaggio.
Questo prodotto ti arrivera' in un pacco piatto. A te il piacere di assemblarlo.
Resistente alla pressione, resiste all'usura per 15 anni.

605 Litri

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Recensioni Clienti
Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"As described,easy to assemble, quick delivery"

Recensito lunedě 5 dicembre 2016

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"Service was good, but delivery was poor. It was left by the front door, not in the back garden as requested. This was a problem, as they were too heavy for me to lift."

Recensito giovedě 17 novembre 2016

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"just what my allotment needed"

Recensito giovedě 3 novembre 2016

Valutazione: 2/5 Tradurre

"The wood was wet and discoloured with some black mould, so must have been stored in the open."

Recensito giovedě 3 novembre 2016 "Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with this compost bin. The wood is treated with a preservative before being packaged which will explain why it arrived damp. However, there should not be any mould on the wood, please contact customer services to discuss a replacement or a refund. "
Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Video confusing as it appeared that I didn't have some components but I didn't need them. Easy to assemble."

Recensito martedě 6 settembre 2016

Valutazione: 1/5 Tradurre

"Very poor quality and overpriced. Would not recommend. When it arrived it was soaking wet so I had to leave it to dry out before attempting to assemble it. I picked up one of the slats and the end just broke off. I have since tried assembling it but some of the notches haven't been sawn correctly so the pieces won't fit together. It seemed to much hassle to send back as it was very heavy as arrived wet so it's now in the allotment, still in pieces, being used to help weight down a weed suppressant membrane as not fit for purpose. When a friend whose a carpenter saw it he burst out laughing at the quality (or lack of) and was amazed at how much it cost. This was my first order with Primrose and to be honest I think it will be my last."

Recensito domenica 21 agosto 2016 "Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with this wooden composter. The wood is sprayed with a protective treatment before wrapping which means that sometimes the wood will be damp on arrival. If you are ever unable or have trouble assembling a Primrose product, please do contact customer services who will either offer advice or will arrange a replacement or a refund for you. "
Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"This composter was incredibly easy to erect, no nails or screws, but make sure that you use a wooden mallet or put a slat of wood between a metal hammer and the product to avoid splitting.
Superb product, just what we wanted!

Recensito venerdě 12 agosto 2016

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Product delivered very swiftly."

Recensito domenica 24 luglio 2016

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Unable to find this product elsewhere. It was just what I was looking for."

Recensito martedě 12 luglio 2016

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"Good construction but a better quality timber would be nive."

Recensito martedě 5 luglio 2016

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