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Orologio da giardino di grandi dimensioni - Bianco 90 cm

Code: GG0118
Orologio da giardino di grandi dimensioni - Bianco 90 cm

Orologio da giardino di grandi dimensioni - Bianco 90 cm

Il più grande orologio della nostra gamma con ben 90 cm di diametro.
Copertura in vetro naturale.

Diametro 90cm

Nota bene: Questo orologio ha bisogno di 2 batterie modello C (non incluse)

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Recensioni Clienti
Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"Clock appeared good quality. However the mechanism is cheap at best-no adjuster for time (to make it run faster or slower). Also only one a battery will mean this heavy clock will need battery changed fairly frequently I assume"

Recensito sabato 16 luglio 2016

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre


Recensito luned́ 25 aprile 2016

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Fantastic sized clock, perfect for our school playground"

Recensito marted́ 27 ottobre 2015

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Really happy with the service"

Recensito marted́ 24 marzo 2015

Valutazione: 2/5 Tradurre

"Bit battered. We had to put the hands on correctly. It however does have a good appearance and seems to keep time."

Recensito gioved́ 12 marzo 2015

giardinoprimrose.it:: "Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry that the clock arrived in a state that did not meet your expectations. If you ever have problems with a product in the future please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team to see if you are eligible for a refund or exchange. "
Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"As Above"

Recensito gioved́ 26 febbraio 2015

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"I have explained in an email to Primrose that the hands were not in sync when the clock arrived which necessitated me removing the clock from the frame and the frame was scratched. I have, however, declined the appreciated verbal Poffer of a replacement pending the clock keeping proper time."

Recensito luned́ 27 ottobre 2014

Valutazione: 4/5 Tradurre

"As expected"

Recensito sabato 19 luglio 2014

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"order and delivery speed couldn't be faulted"

Recensito marted́ 29 aprile 2014

Valutazione: 5/5 Tradurre

"Hapoy with the clock"

Recensito domenica 13 aprile 2014

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